We value your office and belongings like we do our own.

We give you the piece of mind you deserve from a cleaning company.


What we Clean

  • We will take a tour of the space and work with you to come up with a package that suits all the cleaning needs of your business.
  • We are able to rotate cleaning duties as we understand certain areas need more frequent cleaning and some less frequent, to help you keep within your budget.



The way we Clean

  • We pay close attention to detail.
  • We work systematically from the ground up so that we don't miss anything using damp dusting as our method.
  • We stand back with an overall look of the space to perfect our work.
  • We create a checklist just for your business to ensure everything has been properly completed.
  • We provide you with daytime cleaning to help you reduce security costs.
  • We also offer after hours cleaning so that you can come back to a clean space the next day.
  • We use cleaning products that are made with natural biodegradable ingredients, that have no chemical smell, We believe clean should have a natural fresh smell.

What we use to clean

  • We use microfiber cloths for the overall clean and they help to
    • Reduce bacteria up to 99%
    • Trap dust so that it is not pushed back into the air
  • We use cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment, they leave your home without the harsh smell of chemicals. We believe clean should have a natural fresh smell.

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