Residential Homes

    Whether we see you once or many times, we value your home and belongings like we do our own.

      We give you the piece of mind you deserve from a cleaning company.

      The way we Clean

      • We pay close attention to detail.
      • We work systematically from the ceiling to the floor so that we don't miss anything using damp dusting as our method.
      • We try our best to make the surfaces in your home look brand new.
      • We use cleaning products that are made with natural biodegradable ingredients, that have no chemical smell, We believe clean should have a natural fresh smell.

      What we use to clean

      • Microfiber cloths are used for the overall clean they help to
        • Reduce bacteria by 99%
        • Trap dust so that it is not pushed back into the air
      • We use cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment, they leave your home without the harsh smell of chemicals.
      •  We use Multi-floor vacuums , safe for all the floors in your home, the powerful bristles work to get a deep clean on your carpets removing dirt and pet hair, and the hard floor tool works for improved pick up on all your hard floors

      Types of Home Services we offer

      Basic Package 

      • Detailed kitchen this includes all exterior surfaces of appliances also including the inside of your microwave.
      • Detailed bathrooms of your choice
      • Detailed dusting for all rooms of your choice this includes window sills, baseboards and disinfecting of touchable surfaces like door handles, light switches, and any other wipeable surface.
      • Floors ( done according to the type of floor)
      • All packages can be tailored to meet your needs

      Premium Package

        All the features of a basic clean with these extras
          • Kitchen appliance interiors of your choice fridge and/or oven.
            • Blinds for rooms of your choice.
            • All packages can be tailored to meet your needs

            Move In/Out Package

              All the features of a premium clean with these extras
              • Interior of all cupboards in the kitchen and bathrooms
                • Insides of closets and pantries
                • Appliances moved out and wiped under if on wheels
                  • Walls wiped if needed in any rooms of your choice
                    • Inside windows if needed for rooms of your choice
                      • All packages can be tailored to meet your needs

                      Custom clean

                      • Tell us what you need cleaned and we can put a package together just for your home

                       Request your cleaning